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Psychic palm readings in Connecticut

Are you struggling to find your way? Having trouble at home or at work? Miss Patty can help! When you're looking for true guidance, visit one of her two Connecticut locations to receive confidential psychic palm readings. With a focus on your mind, body and soul, Miss Patty focuses on overall healing. Let her show you the way to happiness and success. Call today to schedule your appointment!

Wheel of Life, chakra readings

Don't let the stress of a big decision weigh you down. Whether you need guidance for problems in your home or personal life, you're struggling with a business decision, or you're looking for love, Miss Patty will help guide you through your life decisions, offering clarity and hope. A psychic reading is a great start to get you on the right path. Miss Patty also offers Wheel of Life readings, which is an exercise aimed at finding out what's missing - the areas of your life that need some attention. Her chakra readings evaluate your emotional needs and energy balance.
A diagram of a hand for psychic palm readings

Crystal stone, palm readings

Let Miss Patty bring harmony back to your life. Her crystal stone readings help to absorb negative energy. Her palm readings can help you make decisions, offering a glimpse into your future. Whether you're looking for insight or you want to grow your spirituality, Miss Patty's aura charts can help you build a deeper understanding of your energy.

Card, energy readings

If you're looking for insight or clarity on your past or future, a card reading session could be right for you. Through her energy readings, Miss Patty can tune in to your body's energy and work to improve your overall mental state. Her 7 Colors of Life readings also offer wisdom and understanding.
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